Oral Surgery

Dental or oral surgery is any of a number of medical procedures that involve artificially modifying dentition.

Some of the most common types of surgery include:prosthodontics, endodontics, orthodontics and periodontics. Impacted teeth, dental implants and jaw related problems also may require oral surgery. Need oral surgery? Set an appointment at Allred Dental's San Marcos office!

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Surgeries involving the pulp or root of the tooth are included in endodontics. These are:

  • root canal surgeries, featuring pulpotomy (opening of the pulp chamber to allow an infection to drain) and pulpectomy (removal of the pulp)
  • apicoectomy (a root-end resection), the end of the tooth will be removed entering through the gingival


Everything that involves dental prosthetics goes here, such as:

  • crowns and bridges
  • veneers
  • implants
  • dentures
  • implant-supported prosthesis

Orthodontic treatments include the following procedures: extraction, apiectomy, implants and implant-supported prosthesis as it involves bones, and fiberotomy, which is a procedure used to sever the fibers around a tooth, preventing it from relapsing.

Impacted Teeth

Most commonly, wisdom teeth, otherwise known as third molars, sometimes become impacted and need to be removed. These are the last set of teeth to develop but other teeth such as the cuspids and the bicuspids can become impacted. As for wisdom teeth, sometimes they emerge from the gum line and the jaw is large enough to allow room for them. Unfortunately, this is not the case most of the time and more often, one or more of these teeth fails to emerge properly aligned or through the gum, thus becoming trapped between the jawbone and the tissue.

Symptoms of Impacted Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth result all the time in swelling, pain and infection of the gum tissue surrounding the area. Nearby teeth, bone and gums can be damaged, sometimes leading to the formation of cysts or tumors. Surgically removing impacted teeth is the best way to avoid all these problems.

Dental Implants

Dental implants require surgery as they are tooth root substitutes, needing to be anchored in place in the jawbone, stabilizing the artificial teeth to which they are attached. Dental implants are suited for candidates with adequate bone level and density that are willing to maintain good dental hygiene habits.

Jaw Related Problems

Surgery is needed in case of unequal jaw growth, TMJ disorders and for improving the fit of dentures. Unequal jaw growth can cause difficulty in speaking, breathing, eating and swallowing. More serious problems require oral surgery to move all or a part of the jaw into a more balance, functional and healthy position.

Oral surgery can help first-time denture wearers and long-term wearers. Irregularities of the jaws prior to creating the dentures to ensure a better fit can be corrected through surgery for first-time denture wearers. Dentures no longer fit properly when supporting bone deteriorates over time, so in severe cases, surgery is needed to add a bone graft in the affected areas where there is little bone left.

Regarding TMJ disorders, patients can be successfully treated with a combination of medications, splints and physical therapy. Joint surgery is an option for advanced cases when the diagnosis indicates a clear, specific problem in the joint.

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