Our In-House Dental Lab

in-house dental lab

Our in-house dental lab in San Marcos helps us deliver all our dentures and partials in a timely manner. Usually other dentists send their patient's measurements and series of impressions to other laboratories that specialize in creating dentures and implants (it could take days or weeks before they are delivered). NOT AT ALLRED DENTAL! We understand that getting a new denture or implant is something that you want done as fast as possible, without having to wait for weeks for a laboratory somewhere in US to send them. We also work with a specialty lab that provides single tooth implant crowns for the patients that need them.

Advantages of an On-Site Dental Lab

Customization is something that requires perfection so that dentures, implants or crowns fit as needed. Having our very own dental on-site laboratory allows us to customize our patient needs. State-of-the-art equipment and technology allows us to deliver quality dental fixtures that meet unique requirements of each and every one of our patients. As we are 100% dedicated to patient needs, we use only the best materials for dental fixtures, crowns and bridges, fillings and all our dental procedures so that we can assure a long-lasting healthy oral care and a beautiful smile. With Dr. Jeffrey Allred's extensive experience as an implant surgeon, completing all phases of implant and denture treatment, you can rest assured that results will be stunning.

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