Teeth Grinding and TMD/TMJ

Teeth Grinding and TMD/TMJ in San Marcos CA

Both teeth grinding and TMD/TMJ cause pain and can lead to further damage to the teeth and jaw if left untreated. Most people grind and clench their teeth from time to time and this occasional grinding won’t cause harm. Repetitive and prolonged grinding and clenching, especially during sleep, can be harmful. Chronic teeth grinding will wear teeth down, resulting in tooth loss, jaw pain, and may lead to developing TMD/TMJ. TMD (Temporomandibular disorders), commonly called TMJ, refers to a set of conditions characterized by pain in the jaw and limitation in jaw joint movements. TMJ can affect the ability to effectively chew, talk, swallow and in severe cases cause breathing problems.

Causes and Symptom of Teeth Grinding and TMJ

Teeth grinding and clenching can be caused by stress but is more often the result of a misaligned bite or missing/crooked teeth. A dull constant headache or sore jaw are common indicators of teeth grinding. Serious cases of teeth grinding can lead to TMJ. Causes of TMJ vary and aren’t completely understood. Though the causes aren’t completely understood, there are some factors that may contribute to the development of TMJ, including, some forms of arthritis, prior jaw injury, and autoimmune disease. In many cases TMJ symptoms will go away with no treatment, but they may also return without warning. Symptoms include pain in the jaw muscles, neck, and shoulders, and can extend to ear pain and pressure, locked jaw, painful clicking or popping in the jaw, and a bite that feels misaligned.Symptoms of TMJ

Treating Teeth Grinding and TMJ at Allred Dental

Because teeth grinding occurs during the sleep, Dr. Allred recommends a mouthguard at night to protect the teeth. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol may also help to relieve symptoms, as well as relaxing the jaw muscles at night with a damp, warm cloth held against the cheek. Diagnosis and treatment of TMJ is challenging, so it’s important to visit a doctor to rule out any other causes of symptoms. TMJ treatment can include surgery, injections, or physical therapy. Each case is different and an appointment for evaluating your unique situation is important, as it can help you prevent further damage. If you suspect you may be suffering from teeth grinding or TMJ contact the Allred Dental office for a consultation and treatment plan.

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