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Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Cosmetic Treatment


Enhance Your Smile For a More Radiant Life!

Is there anything more memorable and inspiring than when you meet someone new and they light up the room with their smile? We all know how powerful a beautiful smile can be when it spreads joy and positivity to those around us or creates a lasting first impression. At Allred Dental in San Marcos, our dentist and staff is pleased to offer state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry services to help you achieve that dream smile you can’t wait to share with your loved ones or at your next interview. To ask us about our smile makeoverscustom teeth whitening, therapeutic botox injections or more, give us a call for your consultation.


Beyond An Aesthetic Smile

Our cosmetic dentistry services are specially designed to keep your health and comfort in mind. Depending on your dental goals our cosmetic services can provide one or more of the following benefits:

  •  Make small adjustments in alignment of teeth for better fitting bite
  • Replace one or more teeth for easier biting, chewing and speaking
  • Improved appearance for increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Can restore decayed, damaged or broken teeth with painless restoration
  • Encourages preventive care for better dental health year-round

Some treatments such as dental implants and tooth replacement with dental crowns and bridges also prevent remaining teeth from shifting, developing TMJ pain or TMD and changing the form of your bite or face shape.


Professional Teeth Whitening With Us

After trying all of the bells and whistles of drugstore teeth whitening, you may feel underwhelmed with painfully sensitive teeth! For proven results with professional strength treatment our teeth whitening system transforms smiles with consistent results that are comfortable and long-lasting. In cases of permanent staining, we may recommend a dental crown, porcelain veneer or dental implant to transform your smile to its best feel and confidence.


Align Your Smile At Allred Dental

Are minor imperfections in your smile such as crookedgapped or chipped teeth keeping you away from the camera and frowning in the bathroom mirror? Our custom porcelain veneers or CEREC crowns in a day cover the surface of the teeth to correct small imperfections for a smile that looks whiter and better aligned. To straighten teeth in a fraction of the time of metal braces we offer Invisalign-style treatment for discrete straightening using custom-made clear aligner trays.


Have You Considered Dental Botox?

You may not expect your local dentist in San Marcos to provide Dental Botox but our FDA approved non-surgical Botox treatment has helped many of our patients overcome dental pains or chronic conditions for more comfortable living after just one appointment. Traditionally used to smooth away crow’s feet, frown lines or wrinkles our therapeutic botox injections treat certain dental conditions with results that last an average of 3-4 months!


Reclaim The Feel, Function And Beauty Of Your Teeth!

At Allred Dental we understand that after losing one or more teeth you may not feel comfortable in your own skin. Eating, speaking and even smiling can feel difficult and wear on your self-esteem. Because tooth loss has a significant impact on your chances for developing further tooth decay, tooth loss or dental health conditions such as TMJ pain, our staff recommends using tooth replacement with custom dental implants, dentures or dental crowns and bridges for a smile that looks and feels better and supports better dental health.

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