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healthy dental doesn't just happen, it's planned for


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Come on in so we can get to know you and you can get to know Dr. Allred. Your Dentist should have the highest dental skills and abilities but should also have a warm, inviting and trustworthy personality. Come meet Dr. Allred and you will not be disappointed. He wants to know if you have deep rooted fears of the dentist that prevent you from having strong dental health? Are you worried about cavities for you or your kids? Are you finally ready to boost your confidence with your smile but don't know how cosmetically to do it? Dental treatment cannot be affective unless we know you and your situation. Once we have listened to you we can now discuss your personalized treatment options. No two plans are alike.

step 2. creating the best plan 

Dr. Allred prides himself in giving each patient and case the time they need in order to create and present the "best" plan possible to the patient. Dr. Allred reviews past cases, studies the most current and up-to-date practices and techniques, considers all modern technology and equipment and creates up to three treatment options to present to each patient. A very important part of the process is to consider cost, timing and benefits for each plan. Once Dr. Allred is confident that he is offering not just good dental solutions but the best dental solutions, our office will schedule a presentation with you to review options. 



Once we know each other and you have expressed your desires, we believe you need choices and options. Perhaps all you need is a simple plan for regular cleanings and checkups. Maybe you need a long term plan to prevent tooth loss. Dr. Allred will always provide you with "Good, Better, Best" plan options so that you can make choices that suit your needs. 

step 4. lifelong guarantee 

Dr. Allred is one of the most trusted dental experts in North San Diego County. You can have absolute confidence that treatment from Dr. Allred will be done right with attention to detail and tireless commitment to perfection. Simply put, Dr. Allred guarantees his work. He takes pride in his hard work and commitment to the dental health of his patients. If for any reason you feel the work is less than perfect, come in and Dr. Allred will make it right. 

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